Formula Supercars official rules:

All Cars are limited to a maximum output of 133kw & 218Nm – (dyno checked before each race).

Cars may not weigh less than 880kg (driver included ) and are weighed after qualifying & each heat.

A maximum of 2 new tyres only may be used per race meeting. After qualifying all tyres are marked to ensure that only those marked tyres are used at that meeting & After each race-meeting 2 of theses marked tyres from each car is impounded for compulsory use at the next race-meeting.

Scrutineering takes place before every race-meeting to ensure that each car compiles with the Supercar regulations & that all the WPMC & MSA safety standards are met.

After each race-meeting, competitiors are selected at random to be dyno tested to ensure compliance.

Download:  2013 Formula Supercars Club Championship Regulations (Pdf)

Supercars:  Spares & Supplier list (Pdf)