Killarney Woman’s Day Power Series – 9th August

August 7, 2017

Killarney’s Power Series is going to be discarding its traditional Saturday promotional date and moving into uncharted territory when the seventh round of the championship is staged on Wednesday (August 9), the national Woman’s Day public holiday.

But as a midweek promotion that is nigh impossible to extend into a lazy long weekend, and with no other major sporting events on the holiday calendar in the Western Cape, it would seem an ideal day to spend at the races.

New spectator advantages are going to include the availability of the grandstands that have been set up ostensibly for the final round of the World Rallycross Championship in November — and the high banking that is there for the more casual onlookers. No grass yet, but the official claim is that it will be green before long. Of course, it is also a no-go area for vehicular traffic.

That apart, let’s not forget the ladies. After all, it is their day. At least one lucky lass is going to win a drive around the circuit — at racing speed — in a powerful Masters V8, sports racing car. Although not finalised yet, details of how to compete for a seat will be announced on KFM radio during the week.

Then girls (of any age), who arrive during the early morning hours, are going to be specially well looked after in the clubhouse where free hot chocolate, tea or coffee will be available for them.

As far as the action is concerned, motor racing is possibly the only sport that can actually benefit from poor weather conditions. It’s mid-winter and the track could easily be wet, very slippery and highly crashable. Yet paradoxically, with any loss of control happening at a far lower speed, it will also become safer but with the slow motion execution making it more exciting for the viewers.

Another factor about wet circuits is how certain drivers – and different cars – find the lack of adhesion can actually be used to their advantage.

In fact, it has all the prospects of being a very interesting meeting.