Power Series Round 6 – 1st July 2017

July 17, 2017


A cold winters morning with a wet track and it was clear from the start that the race track was going to give the drivers a hard time. Qualifying times were well done due to the wet track, a few spins and some close calls resulted in some entertainment for those who came out to watch the qualifying session. Qualifying times were slow with the fastest lap time, Michael Nel (car #10) with 1:32,323 closely followed by Jarryd Evans (car#41) 1:32,481 and Glen Phillips (car#54) 1:33,051 rounding out the top three Gold Cars. Michael had a penalty from the previous race meeting and started at the back of the grid.

Silver was headed up by Shane Smith (#51) who put in an exceptional lap time in his first wet drive at a 1:34,428 to be the fastest Silver class car and 5th overall, followed by Richard Starkey (#81) who was a bit more cautious in the wet!

Bronze was lead by Gary Thomson (#11) with Nashrene Schloss (#7) only 0,051 seconds behind Gary in 8th and 9th overall on the the track! Didier Koeul came in third for Bronze.

Race 1

Race 1 was a standing start with the Formula Supercars having the track to themselves. Andrew Moffit (#39) had a great start and made up a few places from the get go. The track was nice and dry and resulted in the normal action packed racing for the formula. Glen Phillps (#54) worked his way into the lead from 3rd position on the grid, but unfortunately his race ended in smoke and tears with a blown engine at the end of the pit straight.

Michael Nel had an action packed first few laps coming from the back of the grid and showed his pace and determination and worked his way up to the front runners, but then had a coming together with Jarryd in the kink after corner 2. Both cars rejoined with Jarryd working his way up to 4th overall.

Richard drove a steady race and kept his nose out of trouble managing a second overall and first in silver. Shane also managed a clean race but was caught by the charging Jarryd in the final few laps so managed second in Silver and 5th overall. Ryan would have been in the fight for the win right at the end but he had power issues in the final few laps.

Bronze class had a great turnout and some action of its own with Gary Thompson (#11) keeping his position at the front of the Bronze class from his team mate Stuart Spooner (#56).

The fastest lap of the race belonged to Jarryd Evans (car#41) with 1:24,621

Race 2

Great job by Stier Racing to get Glen’s motor changed and his car back on track for race 2! Didier was also back track after some work by RBR Racing, these Formula Supercars are great for competitive racing and the repairs that come from bumper to bumper racing.

Race 2 saw the 102% grid inversion result in Shane Smith (car#51) starting from Pole position for the first time with Richard second on the grid. With a rolling start drivers were again fighting for position with Richard getting the jump on Shane a bit too early after the lights went out and later getting a 30 second penalty for crossing the start / finish line ahead of the pole sitter.

Corner 1 saw Shane hang onto the lead, good clean racing in the first corner with Shane giving Richard enough space to go side by side through the first corner and Jarryd joining the mix as well. Lots of action as both Glen and Micheal worked their way through the pack with Michael ultimately taking the first position. Richard and Glen had a close last few laps with Richard winning the drag race across down the final pit straight, but his 30 second penalty pushed him down to 4th overall and second in Silver behind Shane, leaving Glen second on track and in Gold. Ryan had a horrible engine blow up near the end of the race that resulted in him hitting the wall after turn four, tough day for Ryan but he will be back as usual to challenge for the lead.

Micheal Nel (car#10) winner of the race once again showed his talent and set the fastest lap in race 2 with 1:24,419.

Bronze had some excitement with Stuart taking first in class from Nashreen and then Gary. Great day of racing with a full Bronze class that is showing that the full field is there to   provide quality racing.