Killarney Power Series, 3 June 2017

May 31, 2017


With entries from two of the fastest sports racing Ferraris in Africa, Saturday’s 5th round of the Power Series sponsored by Wingfield Motors with media support from Radio KFM, is expected to be a showstopper.

Multiple former Masters V8 champion Marcel Angel (Ferrari 458 4.5 L) and Craig Jarvis (Ferrari F430 GT3), are going to be facing stiff opposition from Johan Engelbrecht’s incredible Porsche GT2-R in the Crossley and Webb Sports & GT events. The Ferraris are not running as a team so they will be up against one another, as well as trying to see off Engelbrecht’s race winning rocketship. It could be the race of the year.

Angel will certainly be on a bare knuckle bear hunt after being deprived of what would have been a well deserved victory in the recent Africa Mopar 3-Hour race here at Killarney last month. This despite the Ferrari having completed two more laps than the eventual winners.

Rules can be confusing sometimes.

Then, there are the almost equally powerful one-make Masters V8’s where Angel  and Jarvis are due to make another appearance. But while the fast fleet also includes drivers like Britain’s Stephen Young, Richard Schreuder and Franco Donadio, the guy they are all going to have to catch is Gauteng’s Fabio Tafani, who has had his afterburners on exhibition to all of them this season.

Running in conjunction with the V8’s, the Makita Formula Supercars have been providing more than their share of excitement in recent events. With an excellent entry, Saturday’s round should be well worth watching.

Former stock car superstar, Jess Huggett (VW Jetta) and Gavin Cerff in a powerful turbocharged Jetta, are going to be mounting a combined attack on Danie van Niekerk’s BMW 325 in the Midas Clubman events. While Huggett did manage to get past the Beemer during a recent event, he has yet to remain ahead until the chequered flag comes out.

The Access Auto Classic Car and Kent Homes Fine Car categories are also due to occupy the track together. And with Richard Quixley (Datsun 240Z), Dave Kopke (Mazda R100) and Trevor Momberg (Ford Capri), out to make demands on Anthony Corin’s right to victory in his Ford Capri V8 in the Classic Car dispute, it should be another good one.

Behind them, Deon Conradie (Toyota Conquest Rsi T/C), Arnold Lambert (VW Jetta) and Robert Toscano (Mazda MX5), will be taking issue with one another in what could be a Fine Car showpiece.

Finally, in the single seater Formula Libre category, Dee-Jay Booysen will once again use the red line on his home built Ferrari lookalike as he attempts to get the better of Mike Verrier and Garth de Villiers in their VW Reynards.

Spectators will be able to take advantage of the new facilities being constructed for the final round of the world rallycross championship in November and the no-charge shuttle that can take them on circuit tours to all the best vantage points.

The first of the 17 events is due off at 10.00. Admission is R70 for adults and R20 for scholars under 16. There is no charge for kiddies under 12.


Even when the track surface is dry, grip levels are lower when it’s cold; this is especially so during the first lap, before the tyres reach their proper working temperature, and the more powerful the motorcycle, the worse it’s affected. This has the effect of narrowing the gap between the top riders and the chasing pack – and in particular, between the chasing pack and the top 600s.

A rider with the skill and the nerve to exploit this can make up for a significant power deficit – it’s not unusual to see the top 600 Challenge riders mixing it with the leaders on a wet race day.

Another factor to be considered is the infamous ’Killarney weather’. History shows that on the majority of winter race days at the Cape circuit, it has been raining for qualifying, but the rain has stopped shortly before Race 1 and the track is almost always cold but dry for Race 2.

This weather pattern is very frustrating for the riders, since conditions change not only from race to race, but also from lap to lap – but it makes for fascinating viewing for those spectators who wrap up warmly and brave the elements.

Among the riders with proven ability on cold or wet circuits are current and former 600 Challenge champions Warren Guantario, on the Mad Mac’s ZX-6R, and Hayden Jonas, on the Samurai
Racing ZX-6R. Expect to see this two closer to the leaders this weekend.

Also likely to make hay while the sun doesn’t shine are on-form Trevor Westman (Mad Mac’s ZX-10R), Gerrit ‘the Ginger Ninja’ Visser, on the Samurai Racing R1, and the only one of the Haupt
clan who has entered for this weekend, father Peter, on one of the family’s two Yamaha R1s.

The expected cold weather will change the dynamics of the entire field, but possibly the biggest unknown factor will be Ronald Slamet, who would start as clear favourite in the IS Fright R1 if the weather was warmer.

He’s been known to rise magnificently to the occasion under appalling conditions, while on other winter race days he has been seen to struggle. Expect to see poor times in qualifying from this
man, and a heroic comeback during the races.

Slamet says he’s ready for this one; will it be enough to give him the wins? You’ll have to be there and see for yourself